Poetry for Creatives

Guaranteed To Lose

by: Frances Gregory Pasch

If you want to get rejected,
Here’s the perfect plan for you…
Review the writer’s guidelines,
But do not follow through.

Single space your manuscript,
Use paper that will smudge;
When editors critique your work,
Make sure that you won’t budge.

Do not research your market guide,
Just do things your own way…
Then watch rejection slips fill up
Your mailbox every day.




by Connie Faust

A poet sat down to compose,
But eraser dirt tickled his nose.
He sniffled, he snorted,
The poem was aborted,
And his sneeze sprayed all over his clothes!



by Connie Faust

A limerick she wanted to write,
So she scribbled all through the long night.
When morning came nigh,
She breathed a sad sigh,
And decided she’s not very bright!



by Connie Faust

I cannot come to visit you
I rarely drive the car
I cannot walk to your house
for me, it’s just too far

But one thing I know I can do
even as I sit at home
I’ll pick up pen and pad for you
and write for you a poem

A friendly smile and happy thoughts
especially penned for you
I’ll write some love, include a hug
to cheer you when you’re blue

I’ll add a tea bag and I’ll say
“Let’s drink a cup at seven”
Together-apart, still one at heart
we’ll praise our God in heaven

Even better than a visit
a poem you’ll tuck away
to remind you someone loves you
much more than words can say


I Write ~ You Read ~ What’s The Verdict?

by Connie Faust

Everybody writes about writing
and I guess my time has come.
Nothing satisfies as much as words
thoughtfully written, one – by – one.
Writing a line, scribbling a phrase,
pondering through fruitless days,
Meditating, wracking my brain,
calling on Roget’s once again.

Dictionary, Concordance,
Grammar guidelines, Bible verse,
These assist me as I struggle;
without their help it would be worse!
So it’s birthed– the finished product–
ready for its world debut;
Will you like it? Might you buy it?
I’m finished — now it’s up to you!

“A word fitly spoken is like
apples of gold in pictures of silver”
(Proverbs 25:11)



by Mariam Davis Pineno

An avalanche of written words

came tumbling down today

when one short e-mail found my box

and prompted me to say:

Just write one SENTENCE at a time;

soon PARAGRAPHS you’ll find.

Turn paragraphs to PAGES

forming CHAPTERS in your mind.

String chapters all together;

start and end each with a hook.

One day you’ll sit and read with pride

your very own kids’ BOOK.

(Originally appeared in the Spring 2006 Issue of Once Upon a Time . . . )


I Rite ‘n Rime ‘Most All The Time

by Connie Faust

It must be genetic,
this horrid, frenetic
rhyming proclivity —
Try as I might,
I can’t seem to write
a sensible,
non-rhyming ditty

I aim to write
but not to rhyme —
not this time.
Oh, no!
I can barely go
3 lines
a rhyme intrudes.
how rude,
so crude,
I’m “tried and trued.”
It just won’t

just maybe
I have stopped it.
Now, how
to top it?
visit of the Magi
Oh, fine
(all the time)

“Watch the way you talk.
Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth.
Say only what helps, each word a gift.”
Ephesians 4:29 – The Message


Musing of a Christian Writer

Linda Bonney Olin

Some well-meaning friends find it puzzling
That what I have written so far
Is openly Christian in nature,
Not what their priorities are.

“Obsession with spiritual subjects
Is bound to get awfully old.
If all your submissions scream, ‘Christian!’
It might leave the publishers cold.”

Did anyone question King David
For writing religious-themed stuff,
Ignoring the market potential
For readers of secular fluff?

Imagine his royal advisors
Expressing their serious qualms
About David playing his lyre
And authoring nothing but psalms.

“Why can’t you just write a short story,
Without bringing God into play,
About overcoming your childhood
And killing Goliath that day?”

I hope that King David would answer,
“I write what God puts in my heart”.
For that is my reason for writing,
To finish what he wants to start.

I’ve nothing against Christian writers
Who choose not to write what I do,
For, if and when God plants it in me,
I’ll write something secular, too.


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